Cigarette smoking heightens your risk for a number of health issues, including high blood circulation pressure, stroke and heart disease. But the very good news is that whenever you stop smoking - regardless of how long or how much you smoked, your risk of contracting many of these health problems begins to drop. The average number of quit attempts… Read More

I had been 21 yrs . old when I fell pregnant with my son. And, as most 21 year olds have a tendency to do, I drank, smoked and generally continued. I got a packet per day smoker and had been since before I had been 18. To be honest, I had developed made probably six real, concerted efforts to quit. Without fail, I'd find an excuse and continue to s… Read More

Giving up smoking is a process. Knowing what your location is in that process can help you select how to proceed next to stop smoking. Overcoming a tobacco dependency isn't easy. In fact, some smokers feel like quitting is impossible. But with the right help, resources and support, you'll soon note that what once felt impossible is actually within … Read More

Narrator: Welcome and many thanks for watching the slideshow on common skin area problems in babies. Inside the 10 minute display you can study from a skilled nurse Mary from the Maternal and Child Health Centre about the treatment of some commonly encountered epidermis problems in young newborns including Diaper Rash, Warmth Rash, Seborrheic Derma… Read More